The Zanzibar Moon

The Zanzibar Moon

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ISBN: 9780648019428 (paperback)
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AUTHOR: Donna Munro
PUBLISHER: Warm Witty Publishing
PAGES: 260 Chapters: 34 Words: 86,800
RELEASE DATE: 24.06.2017
SUBJECTS: Romance Fiction, General Fiction, Contemporary Women’s Fiction, Chick-Lit


    Alkina’s Jarvis thinks the best way to deal with the end of her marriage is to give her life a jungle twist.

    Ali travels from Australia to Africa to volunteer, and is then sent to exotic Zanzibar. She helps abandoned mothers set up a self-sustainable refuge at a ramshackle beach resort.

    There’s the unexpected; a brawny exotic man walking a cheetah, a wizened woman with an ancient lamp, an old journal with secret pages, giant tortoises in caves and the wonderful eccentric characters of The Peace Resort.

    Kendwa Ely is a wild and sexy adventurer.  Sparks fly between him and Ali, and though he may be the Tarzan of her dreams, he comes with complications; a three-year-old son and a mysterious job.

    Don Cloutier the island’s doctor struggles with his own demons; drink, women and temptation. Will he ever take his medical calling seriously and stop comparing himself to Kendwa, and perhaps win Ali’s heart?

    Shaun Flannery is Ali’s handsome neighbour and friend. Can he make her see sense, or is he just wasting his time?

     And Ali’s husband can’t make up his mind.

    It’s impossible for Ali to resist Kendwa, but will his past come back to haunt them both?

    When a medical emergency sends her racing home she renews her family bond, uncovers a new betrayal and finds an inner strength from her time with Kendwa in exotic Zanzibar and the wilds of Africa.

    But on her return to the island will the grief of what she finds overwhelm her?


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