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Pepper Cassidy can wield a drop saw like most women use a nail file. But when she returns to Blueshell Beach, the last thing she needs is a sexy, unfriendly neighbour to distract her from the family cottage renovations.
Keegan Dallas left the city for a peaceful coastal life—surfing, yoga and a chance to regain custody of his son, Joe. His PTSD is improving, but he’s not quite there yet.
She doesn’t need or want a quiet, stubborn man who can’t even use a hammer, let alone a seemingly damaged guy.
He would rather be alone but can’t help falling for the beautiful, clumsy, sunshine-optimistic neighbour.
After a tragic accident renders Joe mute, can they come together to bring back his voice? That’s if they don’t nail each other to a renovated wall first.
When it seems impossible for love to save them, the past might hold the keys to a happy future after all, but not before a threat to those they love most.
If grief renders you mute can love find the words to save you?

‘A wonderfully rich read, great depth of characterisation, movement,
and well-crafted threading of story within story.’
- Sally Ryhanen - writer

‘I absolutely loved this book! Thank you for choosing me to read it. The book was well-written with well-rounded and wonderful characters. I was pulled into the story from the beginning and kept hooked throughout. I really didn’t want to put it down once I started reading. The backstories of each of the main characters was well-done and gave you clues to the people they became. I really enjoyed how Pepper read her father’s diaries and began to understand the man behind her father.’ - Darla J Taylor

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