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Substack Newsletter out today

The life of a not-so-famous author can get a little busy, especially while holding down a day job.

Sick of hearing how busy everyone is? Yeah, me too. I’ll correct that to active.

Actively I’ve:

  • Finished the final edits of Hidden Book of Scars.

  • Begun submitting to agents and publishers.

  • Put myself out there by submitting to Books with Hooks (more on that soon).

  • Reworked plot, storyline and characters in WIP (work in progress).

  • Practiced yoga five times a week.

  • Beach walks.

  • Gardening.

  • Five days a week office managing.

  • Five days a week writing when I get home.

  • A three-day break for a writing retreat with a fellow writer (more on that soon).

  • Random encounters with other writers.

  • Planning for a face-to-face local women’s writers' group.

  • Planning the next story.

  • Designs and social media (needs to be more regular).

  • Helped Martin Knox publish his latest book, Brisbane River Anti-Memoir.

  • Read books: David Baldacci's Simply Lies, Lee Child’s Die Trying, and Colleen Hoover’s Verity (you can see I’m mainly reading thrillers at the moment because that is what I am writing).

  • Watched Home & Away (I’ve hardly missed an episode in 30 years).

  • Kept a lifestyle journal (thanks to my son, Joel).

  • Caught up with the grandkids.

  • Went deep-sea fishing and saw whales (thanks Swimart Noosa).

Phew! I think that’s it for the last month.

Read the full newsletter, see all the photos and listen to the podcast at: The Not Very Famous Author.

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