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A Summer Before - Paperback

A Summer Before - Paperback

SKU: 9780645262926

A Summer Before: Croc Brothers Romance - Book Two

The prequel to A Summer in Paradise is the story of Kendwa’s earlier life.

A thrilling adventure romance to have you wishing you were on a Borneo beach.

Sexy crocodile wrangler and wildlife ranger Kendwa Ely’s troubles didn’t begin when he buried his parent; they started long before that. When he was seven years old, the unthinkable happens in Africa, and he must stay silent. In a constant effort to forget it, he travels the world, wrangling crocodiles in Australia’s Northern Territory, roping live alligators out of rich people’s pools in Florida, fighting for eco-tourism and bedding a constant stream of women.

  • is until he meets Sharli Ahu.
    Exquisite as a Hindu princess, Sharli has values, humility and beliefs. A resilient, resourceful woman, she doesn’t need a man like Kendwa. Borneo’s orangutans are her priority. But there’s something about Kendwa that has her lusting after the wild guy despite trying to avoid him.

In the jungles of Borneo, Sharli flees Kendwa. But when a venomous snake strikes him, will she stay and be the only one who can save him?

Can true love survive the secrets people keep?


A Summer Before

“Glad you had a great launch of Kendwa’s Secret!!! Absolutely loved the book, Donna. Looking forward to the next one!!!f Books.” - Corine Martin, Avid Reader and bibliophile.

“This was a most unexpected story…and what a story it was. The author had a distinctly Australian voice which I loved. The story had so many elements, so many complications. I found myself unable to stop reading. The pacing was terrific and the plot was multifaceted and every storyline was intriguing. Yes, this is a romance but it’s also a story about families and their loving complicated relationships. I loved that it was set on the Gold Coast. I could see every scene clearly, almost had me tempted to return to live on the coast ( nope never going to happen). I enjoyed the back story of the elephant. Noah and Emma were a great couple.”- Kirribilligirl 4-Star Goodreads

“Loved the book Kendwa’s Secret, Donna. It was a great read I was done n dusted in 2 days. Looking forward to the next one. - Jenny Stedman, Travel Agent.

This book was previously published as Kendwa’s Secret.

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