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A Summer of Hope - Paperback

A Summer of Hope - Paperback

SKU: 9780645262940

A Summer of Hope: Croc Brothers Romance - Book Three

The sequel to A Summer in Paradise is Noah and Emma’s story.

A family adventure romance to have you wishing you were on a Gold Coast beach.

Emma Jarvis has a dilemma — keep dating rock-star handsome Wade or pursue her crush on sexy, silent, probably-married Noah?

Noah Cooper and his Down’s Syndrome daughter, Hope, are due for a fresh start. But a car accident propels Emma into their secretive world. Will Noah put his guard down long enough to let love back into his life?

Emma finds, convincing Noah of a police conspiracy is one thing. Avoiding combusting when she’s near him is a totally different predicament.

Noah has enough problems without falling for delightful Emma and her lust-inducing cut-off shorts. His wife’s abandonment. Proving his father’s innocence. And Hope, beginning mainstream school where bullies lurk.

When Noah learns his dead brother’s son, Jai is with Emma’s family; he must cut contact with Emma or lose what’s most precious to him.

But when Jai and Hope go missing, can the adults unite to find the missing children in the Australian bush? Will an old circus elephant be the key to bonding them before it’s too late?

The sequel to A Summer in Paradise brings all three books to a final enthralling, emotional conclusion in a stand-alone story filled with passion and heat.

This character-driven novel will take you on a roller-coaster of emotions. It’s un-put-downable, addictive and heartwarming.


A Summer of Hope

“I recommend Elephant Creek for an exciting romance and entertaining holiday read.

The story is set around paddle-boarding an inshore creek at an idyllic Australian beachside. The plot has complications with three generations of family members, an electric romance that overcomes dramatic obstacles, climaxing in a helicopter search and rescue.

Emma had started making out with a Tinder date when she met the man of her dreams. Her difficulty in getting rid of the first man and taking up with the second is told by author Donna Munro in this charming novel. Emma is beautiful, smart and loving with a strong interest in pecs, abs and quads.

The story sequels Munro’s book ‘The Zanzibar Moon’. Emma’s mother Ali and her sister continue. Elephant Creek again reveals Donna Munro’s affection for and understanding of Africa and pet animals.

The triumph of this book is her portrayal of Hope, who has Downs Syndrome, who is her hot man’s daughter. Although Hope is disabled, Munro’s story embraces her  and she is respected by the other characters for what she is: a lovely young girl.

Because this reviewer is male and enjoyed reading Elephant Creek, it seems more than chic lit. There are critical feminine perspectives on relationships and just the right amount of sizzling love-making. The book chronicles happiness and heartaches in a close family, like Home and Away, with endearing characters whose interactions are closely observed and authentic.

I recommend Elephant Creek for an exciting romance and entertaining holiday read.”- Reviewed by: Martin Knox, Author

“I just finished reading yet another amazing book by local author @donnadmunro. Congratulations on yet another great read. I found myself thinking about the characters as if I knew them personally. I didn’t want the story to end. Can’t wait for your next book. If you love a romantic story mixed with adventures, I highly recommend all 3 of Donna’s books. The Zanibar Moon, then Kendwas’s secret and finish off with Elephant Creek. You won’t be sorry.” - Helen James-Doyle

I loved her latest book Elephant Creek. It is set in Currumbin, so that makes it extra special for me, but as usual Donna has romance, intrigue and a bit of sizzle too with lots of twists and turns. If you haven’t read The Zanzibar Moon and Kendwa’s Secret, read them first and then grab this one. Guys a great idea for a birthday pressie too!!!

Every girl should do themselves a favour and read the three books. They are definitely a nice way to spoil yourself and take some time out to let your mind wander… - Teresa Gartner, Avid Reader


This book was previously published as Elephant Creek.

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