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Get romantic with a book this Valentine's Day

You love your partner, but how do you show that love? Are you saying, ’Happy Valentine’s,’ on February 14?

That’s fine, celebrate, but shouldn’t we tell our loved one that we love them every day? There is no point in using one day to proclaim it if you don’t display love all year. It doesn’t have to be with flowers, chocolates, cards or gifts; it’s about showing love (as writers say, ‘Showing not telling,’ Ha, ha!).

You could instead:

  • help with housework you don’t usually do (boring but appreciated)

  • gift a romance novel

  • compliment

  • stroll hand-in-hand on a beach

  • encourage

  • be supportive of a hobby you don’t understand (perhaps writing)

  • arrange a surprise dinner date

  • gift a puppy (oh, is that only me?)

  • offer to wash their hair

  • build a writer studio (well, that may be on my wish list)

  • massage (you never know where that may lead)

  • kiss and cuddle (also could lead somewhere else, he, he!)

Can you believe one billion Valentine’s cards are estimated to be sold each year? 85% of those are from women (why is that, are we more romantic?). That’s a lot of trees. Then there are the florists, I certainly don’t begrudge them their best sales day of the year. Roses are sold by the bucket load. It’s just a shame flowers, as a love token, aren’t bought more on a whim than a suggested day.

Let’s go back to where it all began. The patron Saint Valentine is still shrouded in mystery because some say the ancient story is Christian; others insist it is Roman. There’s also a Pagan version of Valentine’s Day based on sacrifice and fertility. Valentine was said to be a priest; then other stories say he helped Christians escape Roman prisons and fell in love with a young woman. They began writing cards to each other—a month-long celebration of romance.

Either way, Valentine was a romantic figure and hero, just like in a romance story. I’ve got to like that, as a romance writer. If we’re all feeling romantic Valentine’s Day is a good thing. Just remember it’s about every day, not just February 14.

On this Valentine’s Day buy your love a romance novel (as already suggested above, yep I’m harping on a bit). It’s a gift your loved one can keep (roses wilt, chocolates get eaten, cards grow dust). By a book and you’re finding the true meaning in Valentine’s Day – romance.

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